Overview & Schedule

Week 1

Self Study

Week 2

OT (90 min.)
→ Game versus Computer

Week 3


1: Start Online Company project, idea generation

Week 4

OT (90 min.)
→ Game versus Computer

Study time

Week 5

Formation of groups
→ Skype-Meeting

2: Feasability check, internal analyses and justification decisions based on interviews/research and literature studies.

Week 6

Game (2 rounds in German-Thai-Teams)
+ Workshop in the online classroom (3 hrs.)

Study time

Week 7

Report writing about experiences
+ Creating of a strategy

Week 8

Game (2 rounds in German-Thai-Teams)
+ Workshop in the online classroom (3 hrs.)

Week 9

Pitch preparation
+ exchanging experiences
+ task: writing an field report 

Week 10

Submitting the final report
+ online classroom (60 min. discussion)
+ Landing page?

Study time

Week 11

5: Validate the untested business plan by using business models and "field" research to "prove" the intended product will be interesting for the customer

Week 12

6: Business case, calculation and necessary investments proposal.

Week 13

Study time

Week 14

7: Final business case and online pitch for peer feedback and assessment by SWU and IST professors

3: Develop a marketing strategy based on the research and information. Value proposition. What will the costumer gain and make the product buy.

Study time

4: Adjusted marketing strategy based on gathered information. Create a marketing and sales plan. Translate the concept of the "prototype" in a viable business model.

© 2018 SWU-IST Simulation
Game & Online Company


Prof. Dr. Danai Tanamee

Srinakharinwirot University Bangkok

Prof. Dr. Thomas Merz
Prof. Dr. at the IST University in Düsseldorf 

John van Lare (M.Ed.)
ProDactics BV (CEO)

Company Coach Start-Ups  Research Didactic Innovation

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