7 Phases

Chapter 2: “Online Company Project” (OCP) the 7 Project Phases

  1. Basic project principals: (Website based)                                                             
    Basic principles and theories that are crucial for the “Online Company Project” structure?
    Creative and innovative problem solving is a process that can be trained and learned.
    In this part we comment and explain the purpose of the “Online Company Pilot Project)


  2. Online Company” project phases
    7 phases are defined within this pilot project, each with its own objectives, deliverables

and products. Models and canvasses, visualization and research purposes, are provided.Canvasses


  1. Coaching and guidance
    Coaches and students have different roles and responsibilities. This part of the tutorial
    addresses rules & regulations and explains the basic goal and responsibilities of students
    and coaches.


  2. Peer assessments
    Specific elements can be assessed by the coach or mentor. Group performance are best
    evaluated by the students themselves. Non-performing students need to be addressed by
    student colleagues and have to determine what to do?


  1. Module learning objectives
    How do students get evaluated?
    What will determine their grades?
    The students will be assessed on different learning outcomes.
    50 percent of the grade is individual and 50% is a group grade.


  2. Personal learning goals
    The learning objectives are defined by individual international university. That leaves two       
    individual learning goals that the student needs to prove and explain for him/herself.


  3. Defending project outcome and personal learning goals – the portfolio                
    The students need proof and show that they have developed and reached the intended           
    outcome regarding the personal learning goals? The student is responsible for showing
    this by using evidence and the personal (evidence-based) portfolio.                                     

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