Business simulation and online-company as a training module of your course.
Since recently we have a close cooperation with the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok. 

The first common teaching activity is:

  1. : an business simulation (English)

  2. an Online Company Project

Business Simulation:
In the first part of this course/project you will work, at first alone in the business simulation later in groups (mixed university groups), as the a company's Board making crucial decisions. After each period/part of the simulation game, you will get feedback/information on the achieved result and will then decide for the subsequent period.

With each pass, the decision-making process is a little more complex.
After four periods/levels we will form Thai/German groups and they are playing not against the computer, but against the other teams.


Online-Company: (International learning and activities from home)
The second part of this project will be preparing an online company till the “Investment ready business plan/outline”. This will be done as 1 German/Thai team and all decisions
have to be made together. How to do this we will have to work out together, as the whole group and all involved.

Within 5 months the  „Investment ready business outline“ has to be ready as one document from you all, will be assessed as one document, in combination with a personal talk.

The cooperation will be over the internet because meeting “face-2-face” will be impossible. of course other than by Skype or other means like the IST Adobe software.

All communication will be in English, excellent way to train your English language skills.

You will be guided and coached by Mr. John van Lare (M.Ed.) via mail, Skype or when possible “face-2-face” when he is in Thailand or Düsseldorf. Final assessment will be an online pitch, and a personal talk via Skype, based on the required document and a peer assessment that you will make during, and after, the project is final.

In cooperation with the home university we will award the usual credits  but on top of that the students from the Thai SWU university will receive a separate certificate
for participating in this project. This is necessary so the SWU university can award the credits for the students.

From all students we will expect a experience report. Addressing the different activities, phases, organization and basic material of this project. We need your feedback very
much for improving the project in the future.

This project will start in the 2nd or 3rd week of January and end in May 2019.

Prof. Dr. Merz
Mr. John van Lare (m.Ed.)

© 2018 SWU-IST Simulation
Game & Online Company


Prof. Dr. Danai Tanamee

Srinakharinwirot University Bangkok

Prof. Dr. Thomas Merz
Prof. Dr. at the IST University in Düsseldorf 

John van Lare (M.Ed.)
ProDactics BV (CEO)

Company Coach Start-Ups  Research Didactic Innovation

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